Golden State Hemp (GSH) is a vertically integrated agri-business with multiple divisions in the hemp space. GSH has a zero-waste philosophy where we use every aspect of the plant to monetize a variety of revenue streams. From seed to sale, we create high-grade organic hemp products, while transforming the public's perception of the hemp plant's health benefits and environmental sustainability.

GSH was founded in 2019, shortly after the 2018 farm bill legalized hemp in the United States. Golden State Hemp's Co-Founders have over 35 years in the Hemp and Cannabis industry. Our love for this plant assures our customers that they receive the highest quality products. Golden State Hemp genetics have been grown in 13 U.S. States.

Jeff Friedland

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Friedland has worked in the hemp and cannabis industry for over ten years and is currently the CEO of GSH. Mr. Friedland has been involved in all aspects of development, from massive large-scale cultivation to the creation of proprietary genetic strains.

Josh Anderson

Co-Founder & Chief Cultivation Officer

35 years experience cultivating and breeding cannabis & hemp. Mr Anderson specializes in organic soil-building techniques to enhance bio-availability and nutrient uptake to maximize crop yield.